Sunday, February 7, 2021

Gingerbread Experiment No. 2, Final Results

The test cake, after my spouse and I tried it--
bear in mind it's only 7" in diameter
The final product.
Last night, I made my gingerbread cake again, using the pressure cook function of my Instant Pot, and the original gingerbread recipe from my Crock Pot cookbook.  It came out well, though it was a little too soft in the center--perhaps I should have set the pressure time for 65 minutes instead of 60?  I will do that with the cake I make for my mother-in-law.  I will also use my new Instant Pot bundt pan for that cake.  This one, my husband and I will eat.  

I made some cream cheese glaze again, as I did at Christmas, to use as frosting.  The final result can be seen beside this post.  (As always, clicking on the image should show the picture larger and with greater detail.)  

It's obvious that I'd starve if I tried to make it as a food photographer, but the pictures do give a reasonable idea of the appearance of the finished product.  The cake is not quite symmetrical, but it is tasty, and not overly sweet.  My spouse considers it a qualified success.

NOTE:  (2/14/2021)  The bundt pan cake for my mother-in-law was a success!  I pressure cooked it for one hour and 5 minutes and the combination of the longer cooking time and the bundt pan (with its cone through the center) cooked the cake to perfection.  My mother-in-law, not one to rave about things, couldn't say enough nice things about it.  I've attached a photograph above.   We still have about an 1/8th or less of the test cake left. 

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