Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Edible Clothes

It occurred to me last week that I did not have a post prepared for April Fool's Day.

So I launched myself out onto the vast sea of culture and myth that is the Internet.  I typed "edible clothes" into the search box on my browser.

And the Internet did not disappoint! I found this article from The Guardian, a British daily paper, about a 2018 initiative by the Clothing Research Centre ("CRC"), a division of the Foodstuffs and Daily Necessities Research Institute which in turn is part of the North Korean Ministry of Provincial Industry.  The CRC designed a men's shirt in Autumn 2018 that will dissolve in water and is composed of "high-grade protein, amino acids, fruit juice, magnesium, iron and calcium.”  Supposedly wearing such a shirt would enable a stranded camper or hiker from starving if his other food sources ran out.

Anyway, Happy April Food's (er, I mean Fool's) Day!

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