Friday, October 5, 2018

Aussie Pizza

Tonight I was idly browsing through articles on Epicurious when I learned what, to me, was a surprising fact.

Eggs are a common pizza topping in Australia.

I found confirmation of this fact in a review of a pizzeria in San Francisco bay run by expatriate Australians.  The Australian Sport Commission's website has this recipe for Aussie Pizza, which uses scrambled eggs.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Aussie Pizza usually also features bacon.  Well, bacon is a natural companion to eggs, so I suppose that makes sense.  And many people eat cold pizza for breakfast.  So it's a natural step to use breakfast foods as toppings on pizza, though some versions of Aussie Pizza use barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce, which most Americans don't associate with breakfast.

Just for fun, I have included a video from a YouTube channel called Steve's Kitchen that shows him making a version of Aussie Pizza.  (He uses barbecue sauce, by the way.)

Now I have to find a pizzeria near me that makes this!


  1. Given your(?) and Eric's breakfast preferences, you might want to think about a "breakfast pizza" with gyro meat and eggs. ;-P Tzatsiki or BBQ sauce, or possibly a bit of tomato sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, some dried oregano, and your choice of hot sauce. (I would put feta or provolone or mozzarella cheese on it, but not so much for you people.)

    You can buy unbaked pizza crusts, which you can decorate any which way you both like, and then pop into the oven for custom 'za. I would expect baking time to be in the 20-25 min range with raw dough, meat, and eggs (as long as the meat is in thin enough slices, and the oven is hot enough) - this might be an unusual weekend breakfast some day.

  2. What I don't have is a functioning oven that is not a microwave, but maybe this post will inspire Eric and me to get our oven repaired. ;-)