Monday, June 25, 2018

All About Toasters

This past weekend, our toaster, a two-slice mostly plastic Krups model that cost about $60 when new, finally developed a kink in its internal mechanism that my husband, Eric, could no longer fix.

So we went shopping for a new toaster, and learned that a lot of commonly available US models are pretty much identical inside.  This outraged Eric, who likes to buy "quality" items that will last indefinitely whenever possible.  Since it didn't seem to be possible, we bought a cheap model and came home.

Eric blogged about our problem and what it taught him about toasters here.  His blog regulars have plenty to say in comments to his post about modern toaster choices, which comments I commend to my readers' attention.  Meanwhile, you may want to refresh your recollection of toaster history here and at the Wikipedia page now cited there. 

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