Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Diet of the Month?

As I was doing some last minute holiday food shopping at my local Wegmans supermarket, I glanced at the latest issue of Vogue and saw this headline:  "Eat Like a Viking: The Next It Diet".  (It's the U.S. issue for December 2014 with Sienna Miller on the cover, in case you're wondering.)

I wasn't quite curious enough to buy the magazine, but I did flip through a copy and apparently there's a growing movement toward what is also called the "Nordic" diet:  fish, berries, nuts and game (according to the Vogue article).  

Although the latest scholarly account of what real Vikings ate suggests that game wasn't on the menu, and that yogurt, butter and cheese were, Vogue's description of the "Viking" diet is at least roughly accurate. Only time will tell whether it replaces the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet in the popular media as the new-old healthy-eating food trend.

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