Monday, June 3, 2013

The Best Beer to Drink With Viking Food?

My husband recently told me about an article on Popular Mechanics' website, of all things, about another ancient brew the Dogfish Head Brewery is planning to release. That article can be found here.   Dogfish has their own article on their website here (note that you will have to input your birthdate, and that birthdate will need to be consistent with legal drinking age, in order to view the article).

This time, the brewery has made a putative early Scandinavian brew, which will be put on sale this fall. Named Kvasir, after the "first human in Norse mythology", the brew, based on finds in a Danish tomb dating to 3,300 B.C.E., is made from bog myrtle, honey, lingonberries, and bog cranberries. After my sad experience with other Dogfish historical brews, I doubt I'll be taste-testing this one personally, but beer connoisseurs may want to check Kvasir out, either alone or as part of a Viking or early Scandinavian food experiment. 

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