Thursday, March 28, 2013

Historical Food Resources

In chasing some links from one of the blogs I feature in my blogroll, namely, Researching Food History - Cooking and Dining, I had a brief exchange with the blogger, Pat Reber, who advised me that published volumes for the symposiums on which she was reporting likely would be available (eventually) at the website of Prospect Books. For some of the older symposia, it's possible to purchase individual articles in PDF form for £5 each. 

In addition to the Prospect Books site, I found thes free resources on historical food:
  • Historic Cookbooks on Line. This is a collection of links to e-texts of historic cookbooks for different historical periods. A wonderful site to get lost in.
  • Pat's list of Food History Blogs. All but one of these links are still live, though most of the blogs do not update as often as true enthusiasts might like.  This page also includes a list of Food History Podcasts, for those of you who prefer podcasts.
The vast majority of these resources involve post-medieval cuisine, instead of the earlier material that I am most interested in.  Nonetheless, I wanted to draw attention to them because they are a valuable resource for all kinds of research, and so that I'll be able to find them again myself when I have a few spare moments for reading.

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