Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Vegan "Double Down"

In the wake of the furor surrounding KFC's new fried-chicken-and-cheese sandwich, the Double Down, some vegans have attempted to make vegan versions of what may be one of the world's most classically unhealthy sandwiches.

This site not only provides pictures of the original and the vegan clone, it gives the recipe for the vegan version. Being a cheerful carnivore, I don't recognize the brand names of the substitutes for chicken, bacon, mayonnaise and cheese, but Eat Me Daily claims that the bacon is made from tofu. A little web research confirms that the chicken is made from a blend of soy, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables and ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet and kamut) and the cheese is primarily tofu and soy. The deep-frying, of course, remains the same, though an egg-substitute is used to make the breading stick.

What this says, to me, is that eating vegan isn't always a health-based choice!

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