Saturday, February 13, 2010

Useful Sources for Medieval Cooking Measures

Robin Carroll-Mann recently reported on the SCA-cooks Yahoo list that the following sources on medieval weights and measures are available, in their entirety, on Google Books:

"Italian weights and measures from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth
century" By Ronald Edward Zupko

"A dictionary of weights and measures for the British Isles: the
Middle Ages ..." By Ronald Edward Zupko

The URLs link to the Google Book location of each. I am reporting these by way of expanding access to this source of information.

EDIT: Note the comment by heroquester below. Zupko may be useful but may not be completely trustworthy.


  1. Be careful with Zupko, since many of his conversions date from 18th and 19th centuries, and not from the medieval era. Generally the newer measures are distinctly larger than their 12th or 14th century counterparts.

  2. Thanks. I have made an edit to my original post, drawing attention to your warning about Zupko.