Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our (Mostly) Viking Meal

Since it is snowing again, and the weather forecast is dire enough that a lot of evening events (including a meeting I was supposed to attend) have been cancelled, I figured it was a good night for me and my husband to try out my beef stew glop with barley (thanks again, Eulalia!) and the flatbread.

The stew, though simple, was surprisingly tasty, and met with the approval of my husband as well. It had no apple taste to speak of, but the apple bits were nice, and the leeks, beef chunks and barley played well together.

The flatbread was a bit trickier. I greased a skillet thoroughly with butter to fry them, but found it hard to tell when they were done. The first one (with cranberries, for my spouse) did get done properly, but mine was just a bit raw on the inside. The underdoneness didn't affect the taste much, however. The taste of the flatbread was pleasant but bland; slightly nutty, slightly chewy.

"It needs to be eaten with something," said my husband.

I thought so too, and thought that something sweet would be nice. So I rummaged around for preserves or spreads made from (period) fruit, and came up with a long-held but unopened jar of apple butter, which tasted very nice with the flatbread.

We also had a green salad with cranberries and walnuts, but that wasn't particularly Viking so I won't say anything more about it.

Overall, the meal was a success. Which is a good thing, because we still have a *lot* of flatbread balls left. The bread is so filling that we could only manage to eat one flatbread apiece.

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