Saturday, January 23, 2021

Gingerbread Experiment, No. 2

Nordic Ware bundt pan sold on Amazon,  8.4" x 2.9"
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With Christmas 11 months away, the universe decided to tempt me into making my gingerbread cake again, much sooner.

My mother-in-law's birthday is in early February, and the family was looking for ways to celebrate it without having a big meet-up that might spread COVID. So as we started talking about gifts we could bring her, and I mentioned the gingerbread cake I made for Christmas (some of which I had actually given to my mother-in-law).  Everyone urged me to make one for her birthday. Naturally, I agreed. 

Having received a 6-quart Instant Pot for Christmas, I can use that to make the cake. Though my Instant Pot has a "bake" function, I have no idea what temperature to set to bake the cake. So I probably will simply use the Pot's slow cooker function and double the recipe again.  Because an Instant Pot lets you set your pot to slow cook for a prescribed time, I can set the pot for a maximum cooking time so that the cake doesn't scorch as it did the last time.

I also have to decide whether to replace some of the molasses with honey, as I did last time, and whether to find a different cream cheese frosting recipe.  The last batch of cream cheese frosting (which I made with a little more than one-quarter of the recommended sugar) was tasty, and does wonderful things to Greek yogurt if you stir a few teaspoons into it, but it wasn't very frosting-like.  It tended to want to spread out and drip off of the cake.  But I'm still reluctant to use butter in the frosting.  I will have to consider recipes very carefully before I start baking.  Wish me luck!

EDIT:  (1/23/2021)  I started looking for Instant Pot Gingerbread recipes on the Internet and found several where the flour and liquid ingredient content of the cake came very close to my recipe.  So I think I'm going to make the cake using the pressure cooking feature instead.  I also found two sizes of cake pan (one for a bundt cake) that should fit in my Instant Pot.  If the frosting comes out runny, that won't really matter with a bundt cake; it would be an advantage.  Onward!

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