Monday, December 14, 2020

Cosmology for Christmas

I found this YouTube video via a link by a friend on a private mailing list. The channel owner, Christine Simpson, has not monetized her channel, has a tiny audience, and clearly made this video for fun. If you have the slightest interest in, or knowledge of, modern cosmology and physics, this video is very funny. If you are interested in having a Christmas party with a cosmological bent, watch it for the food ideas. Either way, I thought it worth sharing with my readers.

Christine, by the way, is interested in baking, sewing, dancing, and physics. She obtained a MSci in Physics at the Imperial College London in 2013, and she is presently working on her PhD in Gravitational Wave Data Analysis at the University of Edinburgh as part of the CDT in Data Science in the school of Maths and Informatics. She is way out of my league, but any of my readers interested in finding out more about her activities can check out her website,


  1. That is being sent immediately to all of my coworkers. I have a fine mix of physics majors, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, all on the ops team for the constellation of low earth orbiting polar weather satellites. And this is just the perfect holiday gift. Thank you!!!

  2. You're welcome! I got the URL from a private list I'm on that is frequented by physicists, computer programmers, science fiction fans, and other geeky types. I thought it would be a service to humanity for more of the right kind of people to learn about Christine and her hobbies. ;-)