Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Website Alert: The Silk Road Gourmet

Yesterday, by following a link from one of emmymadeinjapan's videos, I found a food-related website I'd never seen before: The Silk Road Gourmet

The Silk Road Gourmet is the website of author Laura Kelley, who wrote a book with the same title. That book is called Volume 1; presumably she plans to publish a series of them. 

Ms. Kelley's subjects, judging by the sample available on Amazon and by her blog, is the food of the various regions along the Silk Road, both now and historically.  Both book and blog periodically feature recipes.  Some of the Amazon reviews call out errors in some of Ms. Kelley's assumptions and recipes--the most bizarre of which I've found is that the plant that produces black nigella seeds is from the alium (i.e., onion) family. (It's not.)   

Still, few of us in the West (either scholars or lay people) know a lot about the cuisines of those Far Eastern lands, and Ms. Kelley is always entertaining, if not always right.  If I obtain a copy of her book, I will remember to corroborate her statements before citing them as information. N.B. Ms. Kelley's website gives a recipe for lamb with rhubarb. Please note; rhubarb leaves are poisonous; only the stalks should be used (as they are used, for example, in rhubarb pie).  

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