Sunday, August 19, 2018

Ask The Past--Interesting Tidbits About Food and Other Things

This past weekend, I discovered a very interesting blog called Ask the Past.  The posts consist of advice about various everyday concerns, including exercise, hygiene, recipes--taken from books published in the past.  The posts I've looked at so far are based on material from books ranging from the 12th through 19th centuries CE, though a review of past entries indicates that some are much older.   The writer of the blog has published a book of similar snippets, bearing the same title as the blog.

Interesting food posts include a recipe from 1850 for cold-brewed coffee, an 18th century recipe for pink pancakes (one of the Townsends' videos discusses a similar recipe), and a 16th century recipe for fake bacon.

Thanks to Katrin Kania, whose blog brought my attention to the Ask the Past blog.

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