Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Cheese/Hat Connection

From The Guardian comes an interesting article about how the type of hat you wear influences your perception of the taste of cheese. 

Recently, rapper Drake was quoted as reporting that he found cheese tasted differently when he wore it while wearing a broad-brimmed Panama hat:  "“It made my meal feel more exotic. Cheddar was looking more like a provolone or a rare brie.”

Inspired, a Guardian reporter eagerly took up his cheeseboard and taste tested various cheeses (including a Gouda and a Manchego) while wearing novel hats: a "bobble" hat (that's a knitted hat with a pompon on top, to us Americans); a "New Era" cap, a vaguely military-ish hat designed by Katie Eary, and others. 

Readers interested in fine cheese and novel hats should check out the Guardian article, while the rest of us check out the date on this post. 

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