Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pass the Garum!

Yesterday, I found a fascinating blog, Pass the Garum. As you might guess from the title,  Pass the Garum is about the cuisine of ancient Rome.  The blog includes a recipes folder, and most of the recipes are from period sources (though some are conjectural).  If you're not interested in what the blogger has to say about Roman food but want to head straight for the recipes, go here

The biggest surprise for me in exploring the archives so far is that what we call "French toast" goes back to the Romans--Apicius had a recipe for toast soaked in egg and milk and fried.  If you have any interest in ancient Rome (or in Rome's food), enjoy!

EDIT:  (2/23/2015)  Pass the Garum is moving!  The new URL is here:


  1. This sounds so interesting! :-) I love learning great tidbits like this. :-)

    1. So do I! That's why I like to post the links, so I don't lose track of them. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Thanks for the mention Cathy! Glad you like the recipes.