Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quest for the Small Favas--Success!

A few weeks ago, I chronicled my new-found interest in ful medames, one of the favorite breakfasts of Egypt and Syria, and complained about the lack of availability of small (as opposed to large and thick-skinned) fava beans in the stores near me.

Apparently, I wasn't looking closely enough, or perhaps I was looking in the wrong sections of the store. Tonight, in the ethnic foods section of my local Wegmans (where I thought I had looked before), I found the same brand of canned small fava beans that I've been eyeing on  The only catch: Amazon has them for 89 cents (USD) per can. My local Wegmans charges $2.49 USD.*

Flesh is weak; I bought two cans anyway. That's enough for four lunches for me (or two lunches for me and my spouse together). If these beans are significantly more pleasant to eat than the large favas, I'll know I should make attempts to cheaply obtain a significant supply.  For now, I'm happy to have another opportunity to make this tasty breakfast food.

* There's a catch to obtaining the beans from Amazon as well. You can order a single can from Amazon for 89 cents, but unless you've already ordered $25.00 USD total of merchandise the shipping costs for that can will be $7.34. A three-pack of the beans costs $19.99, before shipping is even calculated. I recall seeing a reference on Amazon that one can order a 10 or 12-can case of a different brand of ful medames for about $15 USD, but only if you add it on to an order including other items.   Since I'm trying to make as few purchases on line as possible because of my light and variable income, that kind of deal is little help right now. Perhaps it serves me right for attempting the exact opposite of "eating local."

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