Friday, March 29, 2013

Changes For This Blog

Over the past few days, I've been contemplating implementing two changes for this blog.

One change is simple, and once implemented will be obvious; a change of name.

I've been writing "Food Through Time" for more than three years, but although I've enjoyed the writing I've never liked the title.  I went with "Food Through Time" because I could not think of a better name.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that "Food Through Time" is a lot like my historical costuming blog, "Loose Threads", in that both often feature posts about random, interesting historical facts that are not confined to any one historical period.  

So I thought; "What kind of name could I give my food blog that would reflect the fact that it consists of scraps of food-related knowledge?"

And suddenly, I knew what the name of this blog should be: "Table Scraps." Effective as of the date of this post, that will be this blog's new name.

The other change I'm considering is to link my blogs to my Google + account. That change I'm much less certain about. The pluses include easier posting of blog updates to my Google + account (re-posting them probably wouldn't even be necessary) and (probably) a bigger audience for the blogs. On the other hand, the change would also mean that both blogs would share my Google + profile, so I would have to either tailor that profile to include the text explaining my historical interests or give up on that part of my blog presentation altogether. I'm also uneasy because Google has a long history of unveiling new capabilities and then ceasing to support them if they do not flourish, as Slate's Google Graveyard shows.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the Google + idea? Please let me know in the comments.

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