Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"New" Cookbook About Ancient Food

Through the Norsefolk_2 list on Yahoo, I learned that some Danish archaeologists are about to publish a new English-language edition of a book they had previously published, in Danish, about European food from the Stone Age until the Middle Ages. The article states that the authors have analyzed food finds from graves, archaeological discoveries of fire rings and similar information to ascertain what was eaten and deduce how it was cooked.  Thus, the book provides recipes that at least have some foundation in hard information about period food. 

There's an article about the book here, and it can be ordered for 25 Euros from this site. The English title will be "A Culinary Journey Through Time," and I, for one, am looking forward to eventually obtaining a copy to read and enjoy; if it has recipes I can experiment with (i.e., that I can use with the equipment and ingredients available to me), all the better!  I am especially looking forward to learning the authors' take on Viking era food.

EDIT:  (3/28/2012)  I contacted one of the authors of the book by e-mail and she told me that the book is not yet available in e-book form.  It is, however, available in an English-language paper edition.  She told me that to purchase a copy from her and have it sent to the United States would cost me a total of $50 USD and that she can only accept payment by personal check. So I just mailed my check to her.  With luck, I should be able to review the book on this blog in early April.  Wish me luck!

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